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As promised on my last blog on how Facebook News Feed update affects your B2B company, we have more “snacks” for you to get your business page noticed on Facebook.

This is the cherry on top.

Despite being rolled out in 2015 and offering unprecedented creative control of an in-app media experience, not many companies are utilizing Canvas to advertise on Facebook, which is why this blog is long overdue. Here is sneak peak.

Facebook Canvas

I bet you are wondering…”What is Canvas? What is its benefits to my business on Facebook?”

So let’s get to it.

Canvas is an instant loading fullscreen experience for mobile devices used with all ad formats – text, carousel, image, video, slideshow or collection. It can be built with ready-to-use templates, which streamline and simplify the creation process, or it can be custom to achieve your marketing goal.

To start building with canvas you can do it in one of three ways;

  • You can use Creative Hub to mockup a Canvas for Facebook and Instagram. This is a great way to test your ideas and share them with others. Go to Creative Hub.

  • You can create from the Publishing Tool section of your Page. Go to the Page that will be associated with the ad, and then select Publishing Tools. After choosing Canvas from the bottom of the menu, you can create a custom experience using the Canvas builder. Once you are done, you can send a preview to anyone with a Page Role. Go to page .

  • Lastly, you can also use Ads Manager. This is your primary interface for creating an ad for Facebook and Instagram. First choose an objective that supports Canvas, such as Traffic or Conversions. Then select your ad format. Finally, check the box for Add a full screen Experience. You'll be given options to use a template or the advanced Canvas builder tool. Go to Ads Manager.

Having gone through the process and with a complete Canvas I bet you are curious to know if any other companies have used Canvas and what were the results. Companies as big as Coca-cola, Burberry, Jeep, American Express have taken advantage of this exciting Facebook feature.

Also, start ups too have benefited . Featured on Facebook business page is Store Hub, a company that used Canvas to advertise and achieved high return on investment (ROI)

Store Hub is a Malaysia-based startup specializing in iPad point-of-sale, inventory and customer relationship management (CRM) systems that increase the efficiency of transactions for retailers and food and beverage outlets. The company is actively working to expand beyond Malaysia.

As one of the first companies to adopt lead ads with Canvas, StoreHub saw immediate results. Its new approach to lead generation was hugely successful, gaining more leads at a lower cost, which was crucial for the company’s growth plans beyond Malaysia. The campaign resulted in:

  • 3.3X increase in sales conversion rate

  • 53% lower cost per lead

  • 74% more efficient in driving leads

Here is a quote from Fong Wai Hong the CEO of Store Hub.

“As a startup with a very niche target audience, it’s imperative that StoreHub’s online lead generation is on point and efficient. Facebook’s precise targeting was incredibly helpful in getting our product in front of the right people, but it was the powerful combination of Canvas and lead ads that truly increased our conversion rate.”

Fong Wai Hong, CEO StoreHub

For inspiration on using Canvas for your business on Facebook, check out some videos to see how other companies have done it.

Incase you are still not convinced on using Canvas for your ads of Facebook and Instagram here are a few more advantages ;

  • Canvas ads load 10 times faster than the average mobile sites. There is a positive correlation between website speed and sales, the faster the mobile ads loads the more likely yo keep your visitor engaged.

  • You do not need to code to create a rich full screen experience, it is an easy drag-and-drop template.

  • Unlimited potential using different ad formats in text, video, carousel and even 360 degrees videos. Facebook Business’ Help page shows you a few ways you can create your Canvas ads with simple step-by-step directions.

  • Unlike other interruptive pop up ads that you can not click out, Canvas ads give you an option to opt out .

  • Last but certainly not the least, Canvas ads have a higher quality than normal banner or pop up ads, telling your brand's’ story, product or service.


Jay Baer once said, ”Content is fire, social media is gasoline.” Quality social media ads of your content whether image or video are important in engaging users with the hope of establishing a human connection with your target audience and maintaining them as loyal customers long term.

This is why your business needs Canvas. Download a PDF for a step-by-step guide on Canvas Production

That is it from our “snack” segment for your business on Facebook.

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Facebook business treats

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