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15 Reasons Why HubSpot Marketing Agencies need a Marketing Agency

marketing agency

Marketing is an element that everybody and businesses need, including HubSpot marketing agencies.

One of the misconceptions that most owners of marketing agencies have is the thought that by them being a marketing agency, they do not need to hire the services of other agencies.

We get it, but there comes a time when every business needs some help even if it is within its area of specialization.

This is attributable to a few reasons – could be issues related to sales or qualified leads, or even both of these, are quite low and you are not meeting your business’ expectations.

Perhaps, you do not have the required resources to do the work on your own. Usually, organizations and businesses tend to have one, or maybe a few dedicated marketers who, most of the times get work overload. Lacking enough manpower can, as well, affect how you get tasks done in your business.

Nevertheless, a majority of the HubSpot Marketing Agencies use other agencies to scale their operations, get better ROI and reduce costs. This article is a comprehensive guide on why, despite being a HubSpot agency, you need a marketing agency by your side.

So, what would a marketing agency do for your business?

Hiring a marketing agency gives you the platform to optimize your business’ potential. It supplements your ability and efforts in creating and implementing a marketing strategy, conducting extensive research with the aim of increasing sales and well as profit margins. In addition, such an agency would help you in relationships building and the increment of the overall exposure through the extension of your reach to potential customers.

The right marketing agency will use the appropriate strategies and design for simplifying and solving your communication issues and generally help in inspiring your audience from the inside out, as well as sparking new ideas.

Reasons why hiring a marketing agency is important.

The success of any business depends on their ability to communicate their services and products, as well as convert clients. However, at times, HubSpot marketing agencies can get tied up with their clients’ work such that they overlook their own marketing aspect, which makes it important to engage another marketing agency.

Here are a couple of reasons why all HubSpot marketing agencies should hire a qualified agency to take care of their marketing activities.

1. Get the time to focus on your clients’ work

Most HubSpot marketing agency focuses entirely on their client’s work and in the process forget their own marketing. With so much on your to-do list, it becomes easier to fail to achieve optimum results both on your side and that of your clients.

Your own marketing does not have to be on the back burner as you are too busy with client work.

If you task your marketing to a qualified agency, you safe not only on costs but also time, as you get to focus more on running your business and handling your clients’ projects, while at the same time the other agency is winning clients over to you.

2. Hiring a full time person to do just your own marketing is costly and time-consuming

Hiring and building an in-house marketing team is quite costly. It involves a lot of time and cost to train and manage good marketers. The on-boarding, training, and management process are time consuming.

In fact, a majority of the business take months to create the best team that aligns with their roles and goals. In spite of this, you are also required to manage the team to ensure that it stays on the task.

However, hiring a marketing agency gives you a completely different relationship platform – you do not have to worry about on-boarding, training, or management of the employees and will not require your office space, even.

3.You can reduce costs and risks

Hiring a marketing agency is likely to be cheaper in comparison to having a staff. In estimation, the cost of a monthly retainer for a marketing agency can be slightly lower than the cost of a sized in-house team.

However, in house-staff have hidden costs such as hiring and management time, training, holidays, perks, and pensions. It is easy to forget that the cost of a new employee goes way beyond a person’s salary. It also includes recruiting, training and other intangible costs, which can be elusive.

According to a study published by the Centre for Economics and Business, small and medium sized businesses face an average employment cost of £35,500 per worker. Many small businesses simply cannot afford the costs of hiring a new employee and the risks associated with it.

Such investment in the wrong person or a poor performer presents a threat to the business, which explains why going for a marketing agency is a better and secure option.

4. Their revenue isn’t growing fast enough but they just can’t take their foot off the gas pedal as they need to keep other client work going

Most HubSpot marketing agencies are yet to scale implying that the rate of growth is slow.

If you are in such a situation, it is practically impossible to focus on your marketing, as this would distract you from another client’s work. However, hiring a marketing agency gives you the chance to scale your operations and create enough time to focus on what you do best – managing clients’ work.

5.Systematically organize and execute the right marketing strategies

A large number of HubSpot marketing have their marketing strategies are thrown together. Marketing is not something that you can do on the edge – it requires time and thought, which are the two things that busy marketers do not always have.

Ideally, each campaign would start out with a brainstorming session, coupled with objective market research and evidence of results from similar campaigns.

Then, it would be created, and refined in an iterative process that eventually yields the best finished product. Then, after a series of tests, it is rolled out gradually and carefully measured.

The problem with most HubSpot marketing agencies is that such an ideal scenario does not exist.

If you find yourself forgoing all these steps and just slapping all your materials together in an improvised solution, you can be sure that you are not getting the most out of your budget and it is a telltale sign that you need someone on the side to execute the right marketing strategies on your behalf.

6.Strategic planning

Most inbound marketing agencies focus too much on tasks and not enough on strategy. Speaking of strategy, how often do you find yourself able to step back from your daily task list and contemplate the ways you can improve your company’s overall direction?

Not often – if you are so overwhelmed with individual tasks that you never have the time; if you fall into this category, leaning on the shoulder of an outside firm could help you rediscover your greater vision.

You cannot make your campaign better if all you ever do is knock out low-level tasks—let your marketing firm handle it so you can come up with new ideas for your campaign.

The appropriate marketing agency will help you come up with realistic objectives as well as benchmark KPI’s. One thing that you have to note is that marketing is a long-term strategy that may take some time to attract the right leads as well as convert them.

If your focus is on the tasks you have at hand, it can be quite challenging to attract, score, or even convert leads and that’s why a marketing firm comes in – to help you plan strategically.

7. Get the benefit of the agencies’ experience and expertise

Yes, you can create and run inbound marketing campaigns; but do you understand everything that it takes for such campaigns to succeed?

There are various ways that HubSpot marketing agencies can gather leads for themselves but it is not so easy especially for the business marketers.

  • The HubSpot agency partner page is a great resource for getting leads. However, if your agency does not have enough testimonials on its pages, it can be hard to rank higher. The implication is that you need the right firm to create avenues for leads on your behalf.

  • Another way to gain recognition and potentially win a few leads is through the Impact Awards but it requires one to apply.

  • You can, as well generate leads through hosting HUGs. However, with the preparation of a successful HUGs taking about 5 hours a week, it can be quite tricky for you if you are ever busy.

The bottom line is that if you do not understand the intricacies of being a HubSpot partner, the probability that you and your team are working more than just doing inbound marketing is high.

Hiring the right partner, one that understands the inner details of HubSpot partner, gives you an upper hand in terms of succeeding in your marketing efforts.

The rationale for this is that such a firm has the time and resources to create the appropriate marketing messages, as well as position your company to attract and convert qualified leads, seamlessly.

Choosing to work with an experienced marketing firm gives you access to the most effective organic marketing strategies that you can use in nurturing leads and moving prospects along the flywheel.

8.Hiring a marketing firm helps you generate more leads through inbound marketing

Inbound marketing is much useful in generating leads and sales, but only if you know how to apply the eight strategies.

Most HubSpot agencies only focus on selling inbound but often do not do it for themselves, as most of their leads are generated from referrals and not inbound marketing. If you are in this category, it is time you grew your rate of lead conversion through inbound marketing.

With the right firm, you will not have to rely on referrals only but the agency will help you generate much needed leads through inbound marketing.

9. Help you make the best of HubSpot

HubSpot is a great resource for marketing agencies and businesses. However, you can benefit from it potential only if you know how to navigate it. In most of the cases, agencies that succeed here have an extensive network within.

Do you have such network? Perhaps not and that is why engaging the right partner –one with access to a wide network within HubSpot – is great since it will help you navigate the territory and leverage it in generating leads and sales.

10. You can count on ongoing optimization

Optimization is a significant aspect of the business, and specifically for marketing agencies considering the increased demand for the use of technology in almost every element of any business.

Additionally, optimization is necessary for your digital marketing agency needs in that it helps you to prove ROI constantly by delivering on proposed end goals, failure to which, you will have to cancel your retainer!

The right marketing partner will be genuinely interested in, and committed to, continually optimizing your strategy for best results. Outsourcing your marketing implies that you have less risk of stagnation or even neglect.

11.You benefit from their past experience in marketing

Let nobody lie to you that marketing is easy, but it can be if you leverage on the appropriate experience. Even in changing marketing aspects such as SEO, you will still find a few differences between newbies and veteran marketers.

Engaging a marketing from in your marketing efforts is beneficial in that you will be dealing with people who have been there, done that hence, they know the ins and outs, as well as what works and what does not when it comes to HubSpot marketing agency campaigns.

For instance, we, at Cacao Media, have worked with one of HubSpot’s top agency partner globally, which has put us at a higher tier in terms of knowledge on what it takes to grow your business into a million dollar agency in record time.

12. You get an entire team of experts

The marketing industry is changing making it quite a task to find top talent. For example, about 44% of market leaders in today’s world have hinted at the challenge of finding the perfect combination of people and skills. If filling just one role can be challenging, imagine how tasking it can be to build an entire marketing team let alone training and managing it.

You also need to think about the diverse range of skills required to make a marketing campaign a success. Such skills include writing and editing, SEO, market research and analysis, design and production, among others.

This means that it is practically impossible to find such expertise and skills in one person, after all know, the jack-of-all-trades is a master of none. No single employee is likely to possess such a broad skill set and you will end up hiring more than one person.

However, engaging us gives you the pleasure of getting a team of experts in various aspects of marketing.

13. Save on training costs and inconveniences caused by staff problems or annual leave

Hiring a marketing agency saves you a lot in terms of cost and time. For instance, you do not have to worry about a marketing staff anymore, or furnishing a new office. The best thing about working with us is that you do not have to go through the whole training process, our staff already have the depth and breadth of skills needed.

In an ideal work setting, you need to see consistency in the marketing efforts and basically, it helps in achieving marketing objectives. In spite of this, during the festive season your marketing can take a big hit, especially when it comes to channels that require constant work and monitoring like social media.

You cannot simply stop posting on social because of the holidays – quite the opposite, you should be more active than ever.

With a marketing firm on your side, you do not have to worry about a break in the marketing activities. In fact, you get the chance to focus on other aspects of business growth.

14. Gain a fresh perspective on your business

We are not denying the fact that every aspect of your business but are you engaging in marketing activities that make your customers appreciate your work?

One of the mistakes that you can make in inbound marketing is sticking to the thought that your presentation of your marketing strategies and campaigns is the best that there can be in the industry.

For instance, you may be stuck with the old approach of focusing on a sales funnel without the knowledge that a flywheel might work much better.

Considering the possibility of so many spokes on the wheel, you probably do not think that an immersive review of your activities is not necessary. Of course, it is, if you are to see positive results in scoring and nurturing leads. We bring a new perspective to you already one-sided one.

The harder you focus on something, the less you actually see, sometimes missing easy-to-spot mistakes or gaps in your process.

We will bring a fresh perspective to your business, point out the gaps in current strategies and provide you with solutions.

15. You get access to the latest technology

The growth in technology and its adoption in businesses has revolutionized many aspects of marketing. Marketing technology is, without a doubt, something that every business should invest in to ensure success.

It is a significant part of every marketing campaign, as it helps you gain insights into customer behavior, save time and streamline processes. You can choose to work with different platforms for each channel or invest in an all-in-one solution that allows you to track your marketing efforts in one place.

Either way, it is a costly investment but we got you on this.

We are constantly evaluating and checking out new technologies so that you get the best marketing tools to bring you the results you seek without having to waste your time and resources on trial and error.

When you outsource your marketing to us, you do not need to worry about the intangible costs, choosing the best solution or getting your staff trained.

Bottom line

We may give you all the reasons to hire a marketing agency but the bottom line is that results matter most than anything else.

In fact, if you are constantly experiencing challenges and flat-out disappointment with the marketing results you are been getting, it is a likely indication that there is something wrong with you marketing approaches.

As such, you might want to try your campaign in the hands of an experienced marketing firm.

If you are already losing ground, you have nothing to lose, and everything to gain. And, if after a few months you still are not seeing the results you want, it is usually easier to get out of a marketing program than it is firing a full-time employee (especially for a small business).

So if you are unsatisfied with your marketing efforts and this is the first telltale sign that you need an extra hand,—for any reason—why not give an outside firm a shot? You do not always have to choose between all-internal marketing or all-external marketing.

In fact, hybrid-marketing strategies are becoming more and more common, especially in small-but-growing companies.

If you notice your company demonstrating some of the previous signs, you can start outsourcing small portions of your marketing efforts to an outside firm. If you find yourself greatly struggling, or struggling more after a certain period, you can escalate your outsourced efforts, or find a firm to manage your marketing needs.

Did we miss a thing that you might have experienced as far as marketing challenges are concerned, or did we hit just the point?

Feel free to leave us a comment, and share this article with your social media friends.

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