Why Business Should Invest in a CRM and Not Rely on Excel

By Resa Gooding

Sat May 2

Sales Expert insight with Resa Gooding and John Golden as they go over the below:

  • Amazingly, there are still a lot of companies that use Excel or spreadsheets instead of CRMs and many of them are large organizations. This does not seem sustainable.

  • There are plenty of examples of fantastically complex Excel spreadsheets with macros. The problem is they often created originally by somebody, then taken over by somebody else. Before you know it, nobody knows how to operate the thing and it can’t be updated and it’s not dynamic.
  • The whole idea of the buyers’ journey and the different people who are involved in the purchasing decisions and the different touchpoints in an organization from marketing, sales, customer service, customer success. There is no way you have a holistic experience if you are relying on something that isn’t connected to anything else.
  • Proceeding step by step is essential. You should send implementation milestones and get your salespeople using some of the basic functionality and that will make their life better. It will prove to be a win-win for the salesperson.

Make sure you roll out the benefits for the salespeople first before you start worrying too much about benefits to you!