Where Do You Draw Your Inspiration From? – Rosi’s Account

By Resa Gooding

Wed Aug 28

The power of inspiration is too great to understand. It helps inspire action, boost confidence to crush any challenges faced or goals set. This is the second blog in this series where we asked the Cacao Media team what inspires them, and it shares our Sales Operations Director Rose Penhasi’s take.

What inspires me? The place I live – Tel Aviv.


Tel Aviv


It’s not about one person, it’s about all the city. Tel Aviv is a city of different, smart and creative people living in a colorful city.

For me, it’s enough to go outside and just look around to get inspired. I could feel it from the first day I moved to Tel Aviv.

Every initiative I thought about and made was surrounded by hundreds of supporting people who helped me to make my dreams come true. I met my boyfriend in an event that I organized a few years ago that was meant to facilitate networking between internationals and Israelis.

Since then, we make a point to meet people in and outside our circles. Building new friendships, helping others and creating social communities that benefit us all.

In Tel Aviv, I feel everything is possible. finding love, Having great job opportunities, establishing a business and learning from the smartest and craziest people each and every day! This makes my life busy and interesting.

Inspiration never stops in this city, it grows by the second. Tel Aviv is part of who I am today, and hopefully the person I will be in the future.


About Rose

Rose Penhasi is an experienced sales operations executive and consultant and the founder of ScaleOps. She is passionate about working with startups and high-tech companies tackling a variety of challenges to build infrastructure for growth and scale. Her career began in sales operations, process management and consulting, and she trained with leading sales experts and consultants. She views sales operations as part of a machine that includes the sales, finance, marketing, legal and management teams and relies on systems, metrics and advanced business intelligence. Rose brings this holistic perspective to every organization and team with which she works.