Sales Kenes 2019. A Highly Memorable Sales Enablement Conference. Key Takeaways.

By cacaomedia

Wed Sep 25

Sales Kenes is the first of its kind, hands-on sales conference in Israel. The second edition of the conference took place at ZOA HOUSE in Tel Aviv last week. It hosted top of the line international and local sales leaders, who shared the latest skills and techniques in the sales industry meant to create and explore new sales opportunities while increasing closing rates. It was a great success with highly invigorating sessions from start to finish.

Sales Kenes conference was co-hosted by Cacao Media, a Platinum HubSpot Certified Partner and PluggedIn BD with an aim to educate sales professionals and industry leaders on the latest  best practices, attitudes, behaviors, and techniques that drive client success and growth. It helped train and educate the attendees on how to fundamentally improve their sales processes performance.

Sales Kenes placed emphasis on the solutions for the challenges sales leaders encounter when implementing sales enablement and operation processes to scale up business operations.

Some of the topics discussed include:

  • Sales management training and skills to effectively manage your sales team.
  • Sales team automation including how to teach sales professionals to properly use online tools to track and report the progress of sales activities.
  • Sales methodologies, training, communication skills and the techniques needed to be a top sales professional.
  • Product sales training programs and how to best communicate the features and benefits of your products and services.

Sales Kenes top of the line speakers  included:




Prateek Sharma, Principal Channel Manager at HubSpot

Prateek, a HubSpot’s top EMEA sales rep shared how his team has used sales enablement tools to empower sales operations, facilitating the closure of 65,000 deals in 2019 compared with 16,000 deals in 2018. An unprecedented growth of 306% .

Bruce Zivan, Sr. Global Sales Dev. at Graduway

Bruce educated us on what ‘Mindful Prospecting’ is and what it takes for a Sales Development Representative (SDR) to be able to prospect efficiently and effectively. According to Bruce, the SDR  teams can perform better in their daily prospecting activities if they are armed with the correct plans and techniques needed to gain valuable information into the buying process. A “deep prospect research'” method, as he described it.

April Barnoy, VP Global Sales Development at Sisense

April’s presentation was about how to best build a high performing SDR team, one that allows to constantly fill in the pipeline for the sales team, leaving Account Executives (AEs) to focus on the bottom of the funnel . This according to her results is a significant increase in revenue and overall growth.

Ben Shenkar, VP Sales at SalesFreaks

Ben shared his sales operations development journey which was based on his experience and challenges when he first started at SalesFreaks. He talked about how he managed to overcome common industry challenges and how he succeeded to take his SaaS startup from 0 to $250K MR in just few years! 

Joseph Fuerst, Chief Operations Officer at Deskforce

Joseph walked us through what the ‘revenue operations function’ is all about and why this might be the operational strategy that is missing in today’s organizations.

Scott M. Jonasz, VP Global Sales at Powtoon

In his captivating session, Scott walked us through the process of creating a high-velocity revenue growth in today’s competitive sales ecosystem, a process he described as ‘harmonious symphony of players and instruments“.

Adi Janowitz, VP Customer Success at WalkMe™

Adi walked us through ‘Selling for Success’ and shared with us how customer success currently plays a key factor in SaaS companies’ programs; how it is allowing companies to scale up revenues, growth and expansion throughout the adoption of a customer-obsessed mindset all across the organization.

Aviram Ganor, Head Sales at Riskified

Aviram joined Riskified on early 2018 and was tasked with building a strong sales team paired with robust operations. He shared with us some of the challenges he dealt with at that time and how he managed to solve them.  Some of the major challenges discussed at length were:

  • How to find the “right” candidates?
  • How to train them to be top performers?
  • What programs and plans do you need to have in place to make them a part of an outstanding Account Executives team?

Last, we wish to deeply thank Resa Gooding and Eli Mandelbaum who helped to meticulously organize and execute this special event. The warm feedback, acknowledgments, and accreditation we’ve received from all of you during and after the event – says it all. Thank you for coming, attending and being a valuable part of this special gathering. 

If you missed on Sales Kenes, you can view a recording of all sessions here

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