Is Accelo HubSpot Integration Any Good? 3 Reasons Why Project Managers Need It

By cacaomedia

Mon Jun 8

Performance is key for every business.

The success of a business is significantly determined by how effectively it takes advantage of project management tools/platforms that support it to achieve results. The best tools/platforms are easy to use, flexible and replicable – allowing the business to implement the project and changes without fear.

One such platform is Accelo. Working with Accelo integration in HubSpot has been a wonderful experience that I’d love to share with you.

How Will The Integration Between These Platforms Help to Boost Results for Your Business?

Experience in working with HubSpot & Accelo integration has given me the opportunity to learn a great number of insights and tricks on how to run processes as smoothly as possible by taking all the advantages that both platforms can offer. My team and I wanted to find a way to manage all our tasks in a simple way that gave us performance reports based on projects, sales, and track time easily. Accelo came in handy.

If you are not familiar with Accelo it’s a platform that gives you visibility across clients, plans projects, and tracks results with an improved expertise on classifying and prioritizing tasks.

On the other hand, I use Hubspot on a daily basis which is our main Marketing automation platform, where we offer our marketing expertise, helping our clients to take their marketing efforts to the next level and achieve stellar results.

Here are some quick tips that will help you to achieve the perfect integration between these platforms.

The importance of having all your Hubspot deals in Accelo

This is the first step you need to take into consideration. It allows you to have a full picture of what’s happening on both platforms. Having all clients and relevant contacts synchronized will allow you to update information regarding your contacts in an automated way. All your database on Accelo will be integrated with all other modules in the platform, ensuring that all the work done is under the loop, and assigned to the proper client. This integration is automated once you perform a quick integration between both platforms. This integration will take less than 10 minutes!

Accelo modules that help to get the work done

The main benefits of Accelo are the constantly updated CRM and their project management tool, that helps you to provide services for your staff and clients having full control of your projects and retainers in real-time. Milestones, tasks, work emails are updated, all your interactions with clients are automatically reflected in it, giving you the ability to save time and focus on delivering a top service for our clients.

Complementary triggers and notifications to streamline your processes, bring it on!

By the end of the day, all that we want is to have simple and understandable processes that work seamlessly with reports, allowing us to have the full picture of budgets, billing, and time expended. These discovered tips help us to have a clear vision of how we manage our tasks and create reports.

  • Triggers: You can create custom notifications triggered based on pre-set conditions, once the bank of hours for any project is close to its end, you will receive a reminder that will give you the visibility needed to manage any given project in real-time.
  • Portal for clients: this will take less than 5 minutes to configure, giving access to your clients to the platform, where they can have a full picture of the tasks performed in any given period, time remaining, and budget expenses for projects.
  • Retainer recurring task: this option gives you the availability of creating recurring tasks for each newly generated period. For sure, this option is helpful in case you work with retainers.
  • Log emails: time is precious, here you can find an effective way to know how you manage your time. Once you synchronize Hubspot, Google accounts, and Accelo, each email can be tracked, adding new information to performance reports by the end of the month.
  • Invoicing: This is one of my favorite options on the platform. It’s very simple to create invoices. You just need to create templates for each kind of client, where each client can have a breakdown of tasks, the best thing is these invoices are fully customizable.

All these findings helped me to organize my time, help my team to achieve goals, and take better decisions on the execution of projects. I encourage you to invest time in getting knowledge of any project management platform that can help you to make your daily basics easy, letting you and your team focus on the best delivery for your clients.


Jonathan Cohen

Project Manager at Cacao Media

Passionate about Marketing, technology and new ways of thinking