By Lidemta Kawira

Tue Feb 4

In today’s fast-paced world, with multiple platforms of communication, keeping track of ideas, tasks and conversations from clients can be difficult when you are on the go.

According to statistics, WhatsApp has retained its top position among the most popular messaging apps for nearly 10 years now! All projections point towards an upward trend in the number of its users, revenue and most importantly user satisfaction.

With an average of 1 million people registering on the app daily, and over 300 million active users, it is more likely than not that most of your clients use the app.

According to WhatsApp marketing statistics, 2020 will be the turning point for most businesses who considered using WhatsApp. 84% of SMB’s agree that WhatsApp is a major part of their relations with customers and clients, and attribute their success to the direct communication they achieve through the app.

WhatHub (WhatsApp + Hubspot)




WhatHub is WhatsApp and HubSpot integration that allows you to leverage the full power of HubSpot on WhatsApp. It offers numerous opportunities for users, which allows them to take back their time and energy.

Some of these opportunities include:

Instant messaging from within HubSpot

70% of those registered on WhatsApp use the app daily with the average user checking WhatsApp more than 23 times per day to see if there are new messages. This is good news for your business!

You can send texts, photos, and video URLs directly from HubSpot to a client’s WhatsApp number.

One of the most amazing features of WhatHub is that it allows you to create and store message templates. This will save you time in case you want to send a similar message to multiple clients. Instead of typing the same message multiple times, you can use an already created template.

Anyone with access to the WhatsApp portal on your team can access the shared message templates.

WhatHub also provides a feature for browser notifications. You can enable or disable browser notifications from your browser settings. When enabled, you will get instant notifications once you receive messages.

Also, your Whathub’s timeline shows when your message has been viewed. It also shows active/connected contacts as well as offline or disconnected contacts.

Recording or Conversation Tracking

Keeping tabs on all communication with your contacts is an essential step of the inbound methodology.

WhatHub allows you to save WhatsApp conversations. You can see a conversation history on a contact’s timeline on HubSpot.

You can also make and save notes on your contact’s timelines.

Perform CRM Functions from WhatsApp

Once you integrate your WhatsApp and HubSpot accounts, you can perform some CRM functions from WhatsApp. For instance, you can:

  • Create a contact in your CRM from WhatsApp
  • Assign contact owner
  • Create Tasks
  • Edit Lists.
  • Automatically add new leads from WhatsApp to HubSpot CRM.
  • Create deals etc.

Using the WhatsApp browser, you can also see a contact’s information, for example, the contact’s company information, support for custom properties and extended information.

Workflows and Smart Triggers

We love workflows because they help improve efficiency by streamlining processes and removing repetitive manual tasks.

Consequently, we love the fact that we can use WhatsApp messages as triggers in HubSpot workflows!

You can set the workflow to send the desired WhatsApp message to a client following a trigger.


Reports and Analytics

It’s no secret that if you are looking to grow, analytics and reporting help with a faster and clearer process during decision making.

With HubSpot and WhatsApp integration you can get or create reports and analytics to include data from WhatsApp readily from HubSpot reporting and analytics tool.


Some more information just for you:

You can connect both your personal and business WhatsApp accounts to HubSpot.

However, WhatHub allows only 1:1 messaging. You cannot do bulk messaging, WhatsApp marketing or WhatsApp spamming.

For more on WhatHub, how you can install the app and get started, contact us. Let us know your experience with it. All the best!