• Top 5 HubSpot Reports Every Sales and Marketing Professional Needs

    As a HubSpot Digital Sales Consultant, I analyze data on a daily basis. Whether it’s data collected by my clients or data collected by the company I work at, it can get overwhelming. For Sales and Marketing professionals, the challenge is even greater since we are not born analysts - yet we need the right numbers to prove our worth and define our business strategy. 

  • Tips for Customer Retention & Positive Brand Reputation in a Time of Crisis

    Effective communication is fundamental to any organization’s success. Even more so, in a time of crisis — which includes the coming weeks and months, as business leaders decide if, when, and how to move forward with business operations and employment — communication remains key.

  • How to Brand Yourself as an Industry Expert on LinkedIn

        With over 660 million people, of which 90 million are senior level influencers and 63 million in decision making positions, LinkedIn is a B2B Goldmine. It’s where most Fortune 500 decision-makers and executives like to spend their spare time.

  • Hubspot Sequences and Workflows – The Heart of Automation

    Last Sunday, Resa and the team at Cacao Media, hosted their 5th Hubspot workshop this year. Every event focuses on a different topic and one thing is for sure, as each one progresses, the room gets more crowded and diverse (Hi iCan). 

  • Video Marketing: How to Tell Your Story

    Isn’t it amazing that 15 seconds can determine the success of any video marketing campaign?  During the Content Israel conference, Elad Ben David the creative director of Wix gave a presentation on how to engage specific audiences by creating high impact videos that captivate the viewer and inspires action.

  • Cacao Media Becomes a Hubspot Certified Agency Partner

      Resa Gooding                                       FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: 15/2/2019 Cacao Media Phone Number: +972 52 881 7500 Email: resa@cacaomedia.co   Partner-Press-Release - Cacao Media