• The ultimate customer feedback survey software for HubSpot – and why you need it!

    As we approach the end of 2020 and set business goals for 2021, there’s increased competition in every market. For example, the Martech technology landscape grew from 5,300 solutions in 2017 to an astonishing 8000 solutions in April 2020.

  • How Businesses Can Stay Relevant During An Economic Downturn

    The COVID 19 pandemic has had significant effects on every aspect of our lives, including consumer behavior. Most people are now shopping online, and this is expected to continue with online retail sales estimated to reach $6.5 trillion by 2023!

  • The Ultimate Lead Qualification Method

    Which method are you currently using to qualify leads - BANT, MEDDIC, CHAMP, or none? Imagine you could get great leads from your marketing efforts that translate to customers every time.

  • Streamlining a Startup’s Sales Process using HubSpot’s Sales Enablement Tools

    Awarded “Best Interactive Content Platform’ by Digiday Technology Awards, Apester is an interactive content platform that provides tools to create, distribute and monetize content.

  • ¿Quieres Producir Contenido En YouTube? Estos 9 Tips Te Harán La Vida Mucho Más Fácil

    YouTube es una de las plataformas de contenidos favorita por todos, donde puedes encontrar contenido inimaginable, algunas vez te has preguntado ¿Cómo obtener nuevos seguidores? ¿Cómo empezar un canal nuevo? A continuación te daré estos tips que te ayudaran a planear la mejor estrategia posible.

  • Is Accelo HubSpot Integration Any Good? 3 Reasons Why Project Managers Need It

    Performance is key for every business. The success of a business is significantly determined by how effectively it takes advantage of project management tools/platforms that support it to achieve results. The best tools/platforms are easy to use, flexible and replicable - allowing the business to implement the project and changes without fear.

  • Top 5 HubSpot Reports Every Sales and Marketing Professional Needs

    As a HubSpot Digital Sales Consultant, I analyze data on a daily basis. Whether it’s data collected by my clients or data collected by the company I work at, it can get overwhelming. For Sales and Marketing professionals, the challenge is even greater since we are not born analysts - yet we need the right numbers to prove our worth and define our business strategy. 

  • Tips for Customer Retention & Positive Brand Reputation in a Time of Crisis

    Effective communication is fundamental to any organization’s success. Even more so, in a time of crisis — which includes the coming weeks and months, as business leaders decide if, when, and how to move forward with business operations and employment — communication remains key.

  • The HubSpot Salesforce Integration: What You Need to Know

    Why is the HubSpot Salesforce integration such big news for marketers? HubSpot is a hugely popular platform among marketing teams for all the right reasons. Apart from it being a powerful marketing automation software it also has its own Customer Relationship Manager (CRM), which is great for:

  • How to Ramp Up Your SDR Activities in 2021 Using HubSpot

    Sales development is an important part of doing business, but it’s an area that comes rife with challenges. The good news is that automation and improvements in technology are transforming this area, and HubSpot is one platform spearheading this process.

  • Marketing Activities Your Company Can Do During Slow Periods

    Almost every business has a slow season. This pandemic era, however, is completely unprecedented and therefore many companies could not have planned for it like they would for any other downturn. But just because your customers are less likely to do business with you, that doesn’t mean you can’t promote your business. 

  • Staying Positive: A Marketer’s Moral Obligation

    News is feeding us misery. As marketers, we are in a powerful position to share bold ideas, and that comes with a great deal of responsibility. We have a moral obligation to put the concepts we help create, share and promote through a prism of optimism in order to influence the world for good and bring a little bit of joy. And to do that, we must stay positive.

  • A Customer Centric Lead Generation Strategy

    Sales and marketing teams are notorious for not getting along with each other in most companies. They tend to work as separate entities and have these friction points. For example where, Marketing says, “Why can’t you close deals, we send you plenty of leads.” Sales say, “We’re not getting good leads from you.”


    In today’s fast-paced world, with multiple platforms of communication, keeping track of ideas, tasks and conversations from clients can be difficult when you are on the go.

  • How to Brand Yourself as an Industry Expert on LinkedIn

        With over 660 million people, of which 90 million are senior level influencers and 63 million in decision making positions, LinkedIn is a B2B Goldmine. It’s where most Fortune 500 decision-makers and executives like to spend their spare time.

  • Where Do You Draw Your Inspiration From? – Resa’s Account

    It's hard to comprehend the power of inspiration. Sometimes it feels like the mustard seed spoken of in the Bible. Small yet mighty. In the sixth edition of our inspiration series, our Co-Founder and VP Customer Relations, Resa Gooding shares with us how everything is figureoutable :)

  • Sales Kenes 2019. A Highly Memorable Sales Enablement Conference. Key Takeaways.

    Sales Kenes is the first of its kind, hands-on sales conference in Israel. The second edition of the conference took place at ZOA HOUSE in Tel Aviv last week. It hosted top of the line international and local sales leaders, who shared the latest skills and techniques in the sales industry meant to create and explore new sales opportunities while increasing closing rates.

  • Where Do You Draw Your Inspiration from?- Lidemta’s Account

    Inspiration often leads you to take a chance at doing something great. In Lidemta's, our Project Manager's case it led to a career change. This is her take on what inspires her. Connecting the Dots: Finding My Life Purpose Lessons from Steve Jobs

  • Where Do You Draw Your Inspiration From? -Winnie’s Account

    Often times, inspiration is goal bound. It is what makes us follow what our heart feels like doing at the moment or in the days to come. The Cacao Media team was asked what inspires them and here is what Winnie Kuria, our Events and Campaigns Manager shared with us.

  • Where Do You Draw Your Inspiration From?- Mercy’s Account

    The thing about inspiration is that it is this immense energy that when captured, it can help you seek out your wildest dreams while crushing challenges met and goals set. We sought out to understand what inspires the Cacao Media team. This is the third blog in this series and it covers our Marketing Manager's, Mercy Kabue's, take on it.

  • 5 must-have prospecting behaviors you’d need to develop

      Here are 5 must-have prospecting behaviors you'd need to develop according to David Mattson, CEO of Sandler training in order to effectively prospect. Remember, all peak performers adopt a consistent prospecting routine.

  • Where Do You Draw Your Inspiration From? – Rosi’s Account

    The power of inspiration is too great to understand. It helps inspire action, boost confidence to crush any challenges faced or goals set. This is the second blog in this series where we asked the Cacao Media team what inspires them, and it shares our Sales Operations Director Rose Penhasi's take.

  • Where Do You Draw Your Inspiration From? – Jonathan’s Account

    What the mind perceives, it can achieve. This is the essence of inspiration. We asked the Cacao Media team what inspires them and this is what Jonathan Cohen, our Project Manager put forth.

  • 5 Stellar Examples of B2B Storytelling

    Do you agree that storytelling can make or break your marketing campaign? “Good stories surprise us. They make us think and feel. They stick in our minds, and help us remember ideas and concepts in a way that a PowerPoint crammed with bar graphs never can.” - Joe Lazauskas and Shane Snow, The Storytelling Edge

  • STAY IN YOUR LANE – 5 Lessons Learnt from Hertz-Accenture $32 million lawsuit

        Many successful people are masters at learning from their successes and failures, as well as the success and failures of others. The truth is – there is plenty of mistakes every entrepreneur makes. Some are huge and hurt our ego and budget more

  • Hubspot Sequences and Workflows – The Heart of Automation

    Last Sunday, Resa and the team at Cacao Media, hosted their 5th Hubspot workshop this year. Every event focuses on a different topic and one thing is for sure, as each one progresses, the room gets more crowded and diverse (Hi iCan). 

  • Video Marketing: How to Tell Your Story

    Isn’t it amazing that 15 seconds can determine the success of any video marketing campaign?  During the Content Israel conference, Elad Ben David the creative director of Wix gave a presentation on how to engage specific audiences by creating high impact videos that captivate the viewer and inspires action.

  • 9 Best kept Secrets of Successful B2B Marketing Campaigns

     Spinach admittedly gave Popeye supernatural strength that made him victorious.   Have you ever wondered what could be the spinach to your marketing campaign? While there is no ‘spinach’ that can magically make your campaign successful, there are things if done correctly, could lead to a successful marketing campaign. 

  • Cacao Media Becomes a Hubspot Certified Agency Partner

      Resa Gooding                                       FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: 15/2/2019 Cacao Media Phone Number: +972 52 881 7500 Email: resa@cacaomedia.co   Partner-Press-Release - Cacao Media

  • 3 Technical Hacks to Optimize your Website.

    The technical side of marketing can seem intimidating, but this is exactly why you should embrace it. By doing this you are ahead of the competition that refuses to embrace technology in marketing. Apart from the use of keywords and consistently producing evergreen content, there are a few technical tips that you can practice to optimize your website on Google.

  • Ask for Less Get More

    Add only this field on your forms and collect information for 7 more fields As B2B Marketers we are often tempted to add many fields in forms in order to collect as much information as we can about a lead. However, as one of my fellow marketers, Yanay Sela, 

  • What to Expect when Migrating your CRM to HubSpot

    So you’ve finally seen the light and decided to upgrade from your Honda to a Volvo. You need something more reliable with better support and that will go the distance with you on this fast-tracked journey of entrepreneurship. 

  • How to Get Your Sales Team to Love Their New HubSpot CRM

    So you've managed to move from Excel to a proper CRM but your sales team is still pouting. They have many questions and still don’t get why they had to move the grandfathers of all CRMs. It worked fine for them so why the move? Yes, change is hard but when the benefits are seen life will be soooo good you won’t even remember what was it that you were even missing before.


    As promised on my last blog on how Facebook News Feed update affects your B2B company, we have more “snacks” for you to get your business page noticed on Facebook. This is the cherry on top. Despite being rolled out in 2015  and offering unprecedented creative control

  • Tips For Running LinkedIn And Facebook Ads As A B2B Company

      Introduction to social media marketing A few years ago, nobody would imagine that social media would have any significance in business. Social media remains to be an interactive medium that no business can ignore. Social media doubles as a platform for sharing and conversation. 

  • How to Get Your Clients to Leave a Testimonial on Your HubSpot Partner Page

    Do you often get a lot of praise from your customers as you work with them? They are happy with the product but when it gets to asking for a testimonial it feels like hitting a brick wall?   We all know that testimonials are a way of building a brand and telling prospective clients

  • How Facebook News Feed update affects your B2B Company

    I love snacking, don’t you? How about your business, does it enjoy the occasional donut or two?    I happen to think it would, granted it will most likely not be a donut but the kind that brings traffic, leads and sales to its funnel, like Facebook.


        In 2006, HubSpot coined the phrase ‘Inbound Marketing’ to describe a unified strategy for attracting customers. These methods place emphasis on providing excellent content and adding value to a customer’s experience at every stage in the sales funnel.


        How can I get my content more visible online?” is a question many content creators seek to get the best answer to. And rightfully so, because what would be the point of investing your valuable time and assets to create useful content that will not reach or benefit anyone?