• Lead Scoring Best Practices

    With lead scoring, you can get a better idea of who is most likely to convert and who may never turn into a conversion for your business. This process helps you focus more on getting high-potential leads to convert.

  • Top 5 HubSpot Reports Every Sales and Marketing Professional Needs

    As a HubSpot Digital Sales Consultant, I analyze data on a daily basis. Whether it’s data collected by my clients or data collected by the company I work at, it can get overwhelming. For Sales and Marketing professionals, the challenge is even greater since we are not born analysts - yet we need the right numbers to prove our worth and define our business strategy. 

  • The HubSpot Salesforce Integration: What You Need to Know

    Why is the HubSpot Salesforce integration such big news for marketers? HubSpot is a hugely popular platform among marketing teams for all the right reasons. Apart from it being a powerful marketing automation software it also has its own Customer Relationship Manager (CRM), which is great for:

  • Why Business Should Invest in a CRM and Not Rely on Excel

    Sales Expert insight with Resa Gooding and John Golden as they go over the below: Amazingly, there are still a lot of companies that use Excel or spreadsheets instead of CRMs and many of them are large organizations. This does not seem sustainable.

  • Where Do You Draw Your Inspiration From? – Rosi’s Account

    The power of inspiration is too great to understand. It helps inspire action, boost confidence to crush any challenges faced or goals set. This is the second blog in this series where we asked the Cacao Media team what inspires them, and it shares our Sales Operations Director Rose Penhasi's take.

  • Hubspot Sequences and Workflows – The Heart of Automation

    Last Sunday, Resa and the team at Cacao Media, hosted their 5th Hubspot workshop this year. Every event focuses on a different topic and one thing is for sure, as each one progresses, the room gets more crowded and diverse (Hi iCan).