5 must-have prospecting behaviors you’d need to develop

By cacaomedia

Wed Aug 28



Here are 5 must-have prospecting behaviors you’d need to develop according to David Mattson, CEO of Sandler training in order to effectively prospect.

Remember, all peak performers adopt a consistent prospecting routine.

1. Have a cookbook as your own “recipe” for your daily progress. It will determine how many dials and conversations you’ll need to have every single day and will help you with maintaining a well-balanced and healthy daily routine to support your goals. Focus on the areas that are important to the attainment of your goals. Use the 80/20 rule. Define which is 20% of the number of things that you have to do that account for 80% of the value of your work – and always work on the top 20%! Force your daily routine to overcome any call reluctance you may experience.

2. Practice. Do some role-playing before calling! Devote a few minutes every day to practicing your scripts and responding to the objections that you hear on your phone calls. Remember! keep a prospecting call short even when a cold call is going well. If your goal is to set up a meeting, set it and conclude the call relatively quickly.

3. Invest some targeted time in social selling. Always be working towards improving your LinkedIn engagement Behaviour. Connect, engage, join groups of mutual interests and participate in discussions. Follow, share, like, comment and post content of real value to your followers and network. 

4. Ask for introductions and referrals. Get into the routine of asking for introductions whenever possible. Use LinkedIn Sales Navigator to identify, target and actively listen to specific accounts and their decision makers.

5. When calling. Set mutual expectations and keep the call short. Maintain a well balanced listening-to-talking ratio, ask prospect-specific “Problem Questions”, limit your talking points, manage your time effectively by first establishing a connection, focusing on discovery and wrapping up in a timely manner.

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Remember: Prospects are more likely to say yes if they clearly understand what Is the agenda is for the meeting that you’re trying to book.

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